Media Investment Group and MIG Capital Partners (“MIG”) were founded by Richard Cooperstein, an experienced media and technology executive, venture capital / private equity investor, and consultant, with the goal of bringing high-quality value-added insight and operating expertise to innovative businesses and investment opportunities.

MIG is a partnership of capitalists, technologists, and philanthropists using venture capital and private equity as a catalyst to create and accelerate value and bring about change on a global scale. The principals of MIG have been involved with many successful ventures, including startups, early stage venture backed enterprises, growth stage investments, and well established corporations, several of which private firms have experienced successful exits and/or valuations significantly in excess of US$1 billion. The public companies MIG and its principals have worked with boast valuations in some cases over US$500 billion to US$1 trillion.

MIG’s primary investments and activities are focused on:

  • Entertainment, Digital Media, Social Networking, eCommerce & Gaming
  • Mobile Applications, Payment Systems & Infrastructure
  • Performance-based Marketing, Data & Analytics
  • Consumer & Retail Innovation
  • SaaS & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Financial Services, Healthcare, BioTech, Education, AI/VR, Energy & Clean Technologies

MIG invests, consults and/or serves businesses and its related partnerships with unique growth and revenue characteristics as they confront and or create meaningful disruption and transformation within their industries.

Areas of Expertise


We use our experience, knowledge, and relationships across the globe to evaluate decisions in investing in startup and growth companies. From there, we wire them to bigger companies and to media and technology interfaces across the globe.


Media Investment Group accelerates growth and expands platforms globally. It utilizes extensive experience and strong connections with governments, international companies, investors, and other strategic relationships to develop our clients’ and portfolio companies’ worldwide impact and to widen the markets for these businesses to thrive.


With a variety of influences and endeavors across all mediums from film to disruptive technologies, MIG uses media and the connected systems throughout it to enhance its investment strategies and to maximize these companies’ performance to their fullest potential. We are always looking for new breakthroughs in technology of existing software and hardware. We utilize MIG’s networks and spheres of influence to further pursue our partners’ goals and ideas in order to spur the movement of business and technology – not only just in affiliation with MIG’s own assets but in ways that enable us to expand and reinvent reality as we see it now, including “moonshot technologies”.


MIG’s background stems deeply from the heart of the world of film–Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, MGM and many other influential film, television and IP creation companies. Our understanding of technology, distribution and social media have been shaped by our founder’s beginnings in the executive world. Naturally, MIG strives to enable connections with bigger companies in diverse geographies to reinforce startup connections and build the résumé of your company.